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Vinyl (LVT) floor

Vinyl (LVT) floor

No wax, polish or periodic maintenance!
Floor maintenance

For Vinyl floors in bad condition, Twister™ diamond cleaning system can be used to bring cleanliness, brightness and gloss to a higher level than before without using chemicals or coatings. Continuous daily use of the green Twister™ pad prevents the floor from loosing these aspects and periodic maintenance such as polish coatings etc. is no longer needed.

  • Use a green Twister™ pad 
  • No periodic maintenance or polish is needed 
  • Brings cleanliness, brightness and gloss back

Twister™ is a new way to mechanically treat and maintain floors using traditional floor pads prepared with billions of microscopic diamonds.

Twister™ eliminates the use of cleaning chemicals for daily floor maintenance.

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