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M Series

M Series


  • M0 Purple
    M0 Purple - 10 grit
    Item Number: 213055-0

    A coarse segment for removal of various coatings. Works well on aggressive surfaces.

    Also available: single segment version (213056-0)

  • M1 Silver
    M1 Silver - 16 grit
    Item Number: 213055-1

    A standard segment for concrete, removal of adhesive, rain-damaged surfaces and newly-cast floors. The segment gives a coarsely-structured surface. M1 has a high removal rate in relation to its life.

    Also available: single segment version (213056-1)

  • M2 Gold
    M2 Gold - 25 grit
    Item Number: 213055-2

    An all-around segment for concrete, natural stone and terrazzo. The tool has a long life and high removal capacity.

    Also available: single segment version (213056-2).

  • M3 Grey
    M3 Grey - 40 grit
    Item Number: 213055-3

    A slightly finer concrete segment that also works well for paint removal. Can in some situations be used as the first step on normal concrete.

    Also available: single segment version (213056-3).

  • M4 Brown
    M4 Brown - 80 grit
    Item Number: 213055-4

    Use this tool after a previous grinding step if a high removal rate is desired. Gives an almost score-free surface.

    Also available: single segment version (213056-4).

  • M5 Black
    M5 Black - 150 grit
    Item Number: 213055-5

    Gives a slightly finer surface after a previous grinding step. Used for concrete, natural stone, and terrazzo.

    Also available: single segment version (213056-5)

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