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HTC Greyline™ 270

Floor grinder and edge grinder in one

  • HTC GL 270
    HTC GL 270
  • HTC GL 270
    HTC GL 270
  • HTC Greyline
    HTC Greyline
  • HTC Greyline
    HTC Greyline
  • HTC Greyline
    HTC Greyline

HTC Greyline™ 270 is a single headed grinder that is easy to carry and reaches into tight, impractical areas. With a special accessory kit the single-phase grinder also turns into an effective edge grinder in only minutes. The machine separates for easy transport. Read more about the edge grinding kit.

Edge grinder only

The floor grinder is also available as an edge grinder only.  

Need extra power?

The machine is also available with a more powerful motor (2,2 kW, 16 Amp). This version is called HTC Greyline™ 270 HD.

Technical Data

NameHTC GL 270HTC GL 270HTC GL 270 HDHTC GL 270
Article Number113120113137113570113154
Length517 mm517 mm517 mm20.4 inch
Width370 mm370 mm370 mm14.6 inch
Height1245 mm1245 mm1245 mm49 inch
Weight53 kg53 kg53 kg117 lbs
Motor output1,5 kW1,5 kW2,2 kW2 HP
Power consumption8,31 A17,58 A12,6 Amp8,31 A
Voltage1 x 230 V1 x 110 V1 x 230 V1 x 230 V
Frequency50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz60 Hz
Grinding pressure34 kg34 kg34 kg80 lbs
Revolution speed960 r.p.m960 r.p.m1430 r.p.m1152 r.p.m
Grinding discs1 x 270 mm1 x 270 mm1 x 270 mm1 x 10.6 inch
Grinding head weight37 kg37 kg37 kg82 lbs
Grinding width270 mm270 mm270 mm10.6 inch
Grinding motors1111
Recommended Dust Extraction SystemsHTC GL 25 D


  • Edge grinding with HTC Greyline 270
    Edge grinding accessory kit

    With the HTC Greyline™ 270 edge grinding is now a piece of cake. Available is an accessory kit which turns the HTC Greyline™ 270 into an effective edge grinder in minutes. Read more

  • Easy Grinding
    Easy Grinding

    HTC Greyline™ literally means easy grinding. Select and attach your tools, plug the machine to the wall & start grinding.

  • Easy tool choice
    Easy tool choice

    Three standard tools in different grit sizes for removal of coatings and leveling of concrete are all the tools needed, it can’t be easier.

  • Divisible for easy transport
    Separates for easy transport

    All floor grinders in the HTC Greyline™ series separates for easy transport.

  • floating cover
    Floating Cover HTC Greyline™

    All grinders in the HTC Greyline™ series come with a floating cover. The floating cover simplifies handling of the machine and creates a better dust absorption. No need for a separate splash guard.

  • Robust and sturdy chassis
    Robust chassis

    The robust and sturdy chassis makes the machines perfectly balanced which is important when grinding but also simplifies machine handling for tools change etc.

  • EZchange

    The HTC developed tool change system is quick, simple and safe. One tooling system for all HTC’s grinding machines. Read more

  • Good working environment
    Good working environment

    HTC’s machines are perfectly balanced during grinding with vibration levels much lower than the threshold values. Sound levels are very low and grinding is more or less dust free.

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