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Bye bye, HTC 800!

The last HTC 800 HDX/RX has left the HTC factory


Last HTC 800 HDX/RX 

Since its launch in 2005, over 750 units of the HTC 800 HDX/RX grinding machine have been produced and delivered to customers all around the world. The 800 HDX/RX was a further development from the previous HTC 800 E/HD and the Dianova 800 before that. The innovative 4-head technology (X) which was introduced in this model is a strong benefit and the technology has been further refined in the latest DURATIQ models.

Fredrik Urberg, who has been working at HTC production in Sweden for more than 12 years, had the honor to assemble the last 800 HDX machine which is going to grind and refine floors for many years to come, in Malaysia. Fredrik and his colleagues have built thousands of different HTC models during the years and are now excited to be part of the next generation of grinding machines – the DURATIQ series.

We are thankful to all our loyal and dedicated employees, customers, and suppliers worldwide who have made this amazing journey together with us - from the first HTC grinder in 1992 to the brand new DURATIQ series. Together, we set new standards.

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