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HTC Grinding guide

A much appreciated tool


HTC grinding guide

Since HTC started, the popular grinding guide has been a much appreciated support for floor grinders around the world. All floor surfaces and grinding jobs are unique and require to have experience and skill to carry them out in the most effective way. HTC's grinding guide helps in the choice of tools and provides a good basic recommendation for the guiding sequence during different types of work, e.g. grinding an HTC Superfloor™ (polished concrete).

Tomas Torvaldsson, technical support at HTC, says:
"We have dealers who have worked with us for 17 years and have a lot of experience and they still refer to HTC's grinding guide. Of course, it doesn't present the only truth – there are just as many ways to grind floors as there are grinders – nevertheless, it is a good idea to start with the suggestions in the grinding guide."

HTC's grinding guide is supplied in a convenient pocket format with each tool carton. It is now also available in A4 format. Both formats are available as downloads via our website, under downloads>guides.

You can also contact marketing@htc.se to order your copy in print.

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