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University study confirms;

the Twister™ method much better for the environment than traditional floor care methods


HTC Twister

The Twister™ method much better for the environment than traditional floor care methods

In a study from 2009 written by the division of Environmental Technology and Management at the Department of Management and Engineering (IEI), at the University of Linköping, Sweden, the environmental impact of the Twister™-method has been evaluated in a comparison with two other methods; Polish and Wax.
The results of the study show clearly that the Twister™-method has a substantially smaller environmental impact than any of the more traditional floor care methods.

Comparison of three methods

The comparison has been ascertained through a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which helps to identify and quantify the environmental impact of these methods from a holistic perspective.
The results show clearly that the scenarios Polish and Wax have a larger impact on the environment than Twister™. 

The attached diagram shows the environmental impact in three categories; Human health, Ecosystem quality and Resources.

Read the complete report here.

An article is also online where a journalist makes a conclusion of the extensive report.
You find it here.

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