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The new HTC Corporate Identity is being introduced

You may have noticed some changes in the graphical materials from HTC...


You may have noticed some changes in the graphical materials from HTC during the last couple of months. This is because we are introducing our new Corporate Identity.

HTC is a global company with a high development speed. Several new products or concepts see the light of day every year. This is why a strong and common profile is an important part of HTC’s development and success.

The most noticeable change for our customers is the new brand logotypes. As HTC communicate on many different markets, both in a global and domestic respect and to different parts of the flooring business, logos have to be easily recognized as an HTC brand. Therefore the HTC star will from now on always appear as an element in concept logos. This also means that both of our well known concepts HTC Superfloor™ and HTC Twister™ now have an updated logotype.

The new graphical profile will be implemented on all new materials being produced which mean that during the transition you may find both new and old versions of logotypes out on the market.

Below you see a few of the new logotypes:

HTC logotypes

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