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HTC is a rapid growth company

HTC Sweden AB is once again featured on Tillväxtlistan - the list of Sweden's rapid-growth companies...


HTC Sweden AB is once again featured on Tillväxtlistan - the list of Sweden's rapid-growth companies that have met tough criteria, including at least 25% annual growth over 6 years!

HTC ranks 51st in 2009th growth list with an average annual growth of an impressive 33%.

Ahrens Rapid Growth has published the prestigious Tillväxtlistan, which focuses on the engines of the Swedish business world, since 1993. By publishing Tillväxtlistan, they wish to focus attention on the true aces in business - the rapid growers. This is an important mission. Companies that demonstrate profitable and persistent rapid growth create many new jobs and contribute to renewal and development within the business world. The companies nominated for the list are growing persistently and profitably, according to Ahren’s criteria. A place on the list, therefore, is a desirable and well-deserved accolade - it is these companies that are driving Swedish business forward.

In order to get onto the list, the average organic growth in turnover must be at least 25% over 6 years. Growth must therefore not be the result of acquisitions. The company must also be profitable, stable, have substance and stand on its own feet. Last year 84 Swedish companies managed to meet the criterias needed to appear on the list which this year include 90 companies. HTC was last year on 44th place on this list.

Visit the Ahrens website.

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