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HTC 650 RX available internationally

The new radio controlled HTC 650 RX is now available internationally.


The new radio controlled HTC 650 RX is now available internationally

HTC has now created a smaller radio controlled grinding machine based on the same reliable technique as the hard worker HTC 950 RX. A machine loaded with features that take grinding to a new level. A better turning radius and more effective grinding time are a couple strong advantages with this machine which is suitable for both small and large surfaces.


  • Radio control
  • Raised handle gives a better turning radius - easier in narrow spaces
  • Patented well-known drive system with four grinding discs - perfectly balances the machine
  • Mist Cooler System
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Integrated system of weights for adjusting grinding pressure
  • The further developed grinding heads give lower maintenance costs and longer life
  • Easily fit through regular doors (total machine width = 71 cm)

Unique and flexible radio control
The radio control makes the machine very simple and effective to operate. The radio control also minimizes operator injuries from stress and vibrations and the supervision and service surrounding the grinding becomes easier.

Download the product sheet here.

HTC 650 RX

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