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Case story: Medley Spa & Wellness center

A wonderful ambience at Medley in Linköping, Sweden.


In the spring of 2011 the gym at the Medley Spa & Wellness center in Linköping, Sweden was renovated, which also included the much worn wooden floor. One of HTC’s certified contractors got the contract to grind the floor and we decided to pay a visit during the grinding process.

The Medley enterprise consists of 30 Spa & Wellness centers throughout Sweden. Their business concept is to offer an inviting atmosphere and a variety of activities, which will turn the facilities into major venues and thereby promote public health in the municipalities where they operate. 

As for diversity, that’s exactly what Medley in Linköping can offer their customers. The facility includes two 25-meter indoors swimming pools, a large water park, a 50-meters outdoor swimming pool, one of Scandinavia’s largest artificial lakes for water activities, two gym, an indoor sports arena which is also Linköping’s main arena for indoor sports and much more.

What now was to be renovated was the wooden floor in one of the facilities two gym... Read the complete story here.


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